If you live on the SouthCoast, you know that every once in a while a cow or another form of livestock will escape from a farm and make a break for it.

Last night in Fairhaven, a whole herd of cows was seen racing towards the highway in a jailbreak.

According to Fairhaven Police Lt. Kevin Kobza, the excitement started at around 6:45 p.m., when drivers called the Massachusetts State Police to report cows roaming along 195 in Fairhaven by the New Boston Road overpass.

Troopers were assisted by Fairhaven Police to get the situation under control. Police shut down I-195 eastbound to prevent any drivers from accidentally hitting them.

The cows had escaped from a farm on Bridge Street in Fairhaven. As you can see, the back of the farm doesn't sit too far away from the highway. It wouldn't take too long for a roaming cow to make it to 195 and begin to alarm motorists, but can you imagine seeing a herd of 12 of them?

Google Maps
Google Maps

The owner of the farm was called to the scene and was able to corral all 12 fugitive cows from the highway.

Luckily no one was hurt as a result of the herd and no cars or property was damaged. The only damage to report was a pair of police-issued uniform boots which were sullied by a clump of cow manure.

Kobza joked that "pedestrian traffic is not allowed on a state highway, even if you're a cow."

Back in December of 2019, Fun 107 caught some video of this Dartmouth cow jogging along with traffic on 195 westbound.

In fact, highway cows in Dartmouth are not that rare (or medium-rare) of a site, considering it has happened a few times before.

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