It's funny, if you live in the same place long enough, you tend to not notice the little idiosyncrasies that exist; a broken doorknob, a stained ceiling, and a stuck window are all things that you'd notice at someone else's house but tend to eventually get overlooked.

And so it is when it comes to abandoned businesses. Over the years, they have been popping up, one by one, across the SouthCoast. Mix in a global pandemic with added COVID restrictions for businesses and it won't be surprising to see more abandoned businesses appear in our area over the next year or two.

We decided to take a ride down Route 6 in Fairhaven from the Mattapoisett town line to the New Bedford line by Pope's Island. On our tour, we were shocked to find no less than 10 empty business fronts ranging from small business locations to a large, stand-alone building that once housed a bank.

To be fair, Fairhaven has also seen its share of new business move into town recently. The Shaw's Plaza is shaping up nicely with Big Lots, Tractor Supply Company, and even the new Subway and pizza place that moved into the former Hunger Heroes location. Plus, don't forget further up on Route 6 (approaching the Mattapoisett line), there is the new yoga place called Journey.

Being the eternal optimist that I am, whether you are a bigger business or just need a few hundred square feet of space, there is a lot of opportunity in Fairhaven to launch a business in the busiest part of town. With so much vacant commercial real estate you may be able to get a great deal.

10 Abandoned Fairhaven Businesses

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