In the small town of Westport, at Lee's Market, a young man by the name of Jared Corbett has some exciting news.

For months on end, Corbett would spend most of his spare time making birdhouses by hand. That is, of course, when he's not stocking and organizing shelves and collecting carriages in the parking lot.

These were not just any ordinary birdhouses, these were specially made, with love. Lee's Market was kind enough to set up a display of Corbett's birdhouses for customers to buy. Most importantly, Lee's doesn't take any cut or profit. They give Corbett 100 percent of the sales for every birdhouse sold at $19.99 and today, he has met a personal goal.

With the help of the local community and the generosity of the customers of Lee's Market, Corbett was able to make $2,000 from his birdhouses. He uses the money to help with family vacations and to also put into his savings.

Sometimes, the smallest gestures in life can make the biggest impact on someone. In this case, every birdhouse sold is not only a little bit of pocket change for Corbett, but instead, a smile gained.

Kudos, Mr. Corbett. Keep up the great work and know that every time someone buys one of your birdhouses, it sits with pride here in our community. I know this, because I too have experienced the joy of purchasing one myself.

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