It was quite the Saturday night for a Salisbury waitress who scored a big tip from a local CEO.

Donnie Wahlberg has been called out by Ernie Boch Jr.

If you can say that name without singing the song somewhere in your head, this story may mean nothing to you. But more likely you know who this CEO is and can appreciate the generous tip he left for his waitress this weekend.

Jennifer Navaria works at the Seaglass Restaurant in Salisbury and was lucky enough to be waiting on the table of Ernie Boch Jr on Saturday night.

The CEO had been at a concert at the adjoining Blue Ocean Music Hall and stopped in afterwards to get a bite to eat.

Boch left not a $2,020 tip, but rather a $5,000 tip on his nearly $158 bill. I can't even do the math on what percentage that is.

He added "Donnie, Your Move" to the receipt as well.

Navaria asked Boch for permission to post his generousity, which he of course granted.

I mean you don't sign the bill "Donnie, Your Move" without hoping this ends up online, goes viral and actually gets back to Wahlberg himself.

No word on if that has happened yet, but the photo is certainly making the rounds.

And Jennifer is certainly happy with how her Saturday night turned out.

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