After 17 days of Olympics, I am exhausted from watching coverage in every spare moment I had. But with the most expensive Olympics ever staged now in the history books, highlights and low-lights will be the big talk of today. I however am still just enjoying Russia's ability to laugh at itself.

Last night's closing ceremony was the biggest and most expensive ceremony in Olympic history (winter or summer). Vladimir Putin proved that he spared no expense on these games with a show that was an absolutely amazing display of art and technology and they truly wowed me from beginning to end.

But in the midst of all the lights, dancing and mind-numbing fireworks, there was a moment of humor. A glitch from the opening ceremony in Sochi turned into an internet joke then embraced by the Russians to close out the 22nd Winter Olympic games. And I loved it!

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

If you caught the opening ceremony a couple of weeks ago you may remember the massive floating snowflakes that were intended to opening and merge into the five rings of the Olympics.

Well opening night, there was a glitch and one snowflake simply stayed a snowflake, launching a million jokes, hilarious t-shirts and turning the glitch into an internet sensation.

In Russia however, the thought was the jokes weren't appreciated. Vladimir Putin spared no expense with these games, the most expensive in Olympic history by a long-shot, and on Russian television they didn't even show the glitch. Footage from a rehearsal where everything went smoothly was shown instead.

So on the big night of the closing ceremony, rounding out weeks of amazing competition and putting their final stamp on this Sochi experience, it was a little astounding to see Russia actually poke fun at the miscue.

Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

This time they used humans to make the rings (probably cause they are less likely to have glitches), but the performers paused in a snowflake-like pose long enough to pay homage to the opening ceremony blunder and long enough to make me laugh.

I thought it was fantastic to show a little lightheartedness and embrace the world's fascination with that moment. It certainly won't be the only thing these Olympic games are remembered for, but for me it certainly turned a hiccup into a highlight.