Finding projects to do with your younger children can sometimes be tough, but these art ideas are easy for any age.

Cold, winter days can make it tough to keep your little one entertained. But if you have a budding artist in your family, these winter art projects can be fun to do and a fun way to decorate your home!

1. Melted Snowman

What You'll Need:

A small sandwich bag that seals

Construction paper (cut into two eyes, a triangle nose and several small squares)

White shaving cream

What To Do:

Glue your eyes, nose and mouth squares to your plastic bag

Open the bag and squeeze in some shaving cream

Press out some of the access air and seal the bag

Melted snowman complete!

Nancy Hall/TSM

2. Pipe Cleaner Snowflake Stamps

What You'll Need:

6 pipe cleaners

Construction paper

White paint

What To Do:

Wind six pipe cleaners together, leaving the ends pointing out in four different directions (like a star)

Pour some white paint into a shallow bowl or paper plate

Dip pipe cleaner star into paint and stamp onto construction paper

Add as many 'snowflakes' as you want and let dry!

Nancy Hall/TSM

3. Colored Salt Drawing

What You'll Need:



Construction paper

Watercolor Paints

What To Do:

Drip glue all over your construction paper in any shape or pattern you choose

Pour salt over the paint

Shake excess salt off paper and set aside to dry

Once dry, use watercolor paints to dye the salt different colors and dress up your drawing!

Nancy Hall/TSM

4. Snow Scene Window

What You'll Need:

Clear contact paper

Blue yarn (various shades)

Blue or silver glitter

Snowflake stickers or cut outs

What To Do:

Peel contact paper and place sticky side up on table

Place snowflake stickers and yarn across the paper

Sprinkle glitter over everything!

Press in half to stick sides together and seal your 'window'

Nancy Hall/TSM