Ladies if you are tired of shaving, this new fashion trend may be perfect for you.

Seems women these days are not just growing their armpit hair out, but now they are dying it funky colors as well.

I honestly can't wrap my head around this one. I mean, why would you want to grow your armpit hair out? And once you did, why does the thought to color it blue or purple then cross your mind? I mean, who is actually going to see your armpit hair?

And yet it's happening. More and more women are trying this trend every day. And as one blogger for Beauty Heaven wrote,

I’ve got to hand it to the girls who are willing to give it a go!"

I suppose yes, you do have give a hand to these girls. It's clearly not a look for everyone. And definitely not a look for me. I mean I get lazy and don't want to shave like tons of women out there, but I couldn't let things grow so long that dying my armpit hair would be an option.

So would you try this strange trend?