According to rsoxgal36 on Reddit, Dunkin has introduced a $2 snack menu at a VERY limited amount of stores in the Boston area.

Munchkin Dippers
Ham & Cheese Rollups
Gluten Free Fudge Brownie
Pretzel Bites with Honey Dijon
Waffle Breaded Chicken strips
Donut Fries
Warm Cookies

Rsoxgal36 has mixed reviews of the new menu items. "I tried the pretzel bites and they were great but they use Ken's honey Dijon sauce and should use kens honey mustard instead. I also tried the Donut fries and those need a dipping sauce but they were good. Lastly, I tried the waffle breaded chicken and that was gross because they were way too greasy. The batter is the same batter used in the pancake bites that they used to have."

The Dunkin on Alden Road in Fairhaven currently carries the donut fries, but none of the other new items. We stopped in to try them this morning. Honestly, I wish they weren't as good as they were because this could be bad news bears for my summer bod. These tasty little treats taste like mini churros and they were DELIGHTFUL. I agree that they could have been even better with a dipping sauce, but I could have paired mine with a caramel swirl coffee and called it a day.

TSM / Abby
TSM / Abby

Have you seen any other snacks that are listed on the Southcoast?

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