The heat continues on the SouthCoast and pet owners need to be mindful of their pets as well as themselves.

One SouthCoast family found that leaving the window open a crack on a 90 degree day isn't going to cut it.

The Wareham Department of Natural Resources posted on Facebook a photo of a family dog alone in a car with the window barely open.

And as they said in their post, "this is unacceptable."

With the heat rising as high as it has been lately, leaving your pet in the car with a cracked window is just as dangerous as leaving them in the car with no windows open.

And as the Wareham Natural Resources Department is warning, "you will receive the maximum citation allowed by law."

The owners of this dog decided to go out to eat and left their family dog in the car with the window as you see in the WNRD's photo. They were tracked down and ticketed the maximum allowed by law.

I'm sure at the time they felt they were doing the right thing by cracking the window, but that really wasn't keeping anything cool in that car.

If the temperatures are soaring outside, think of how you'd like to sit in your vehicle with just that window cracked. Probably a good gauge on whether or not you should be leaving your pet in the car on these hot summer days.

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