Allison Marks is heartbroken after the loss of her two year old Golden Retriever, Colby. Marks was shocked to learn that something as devastating as heat stroke took her lovable dog's life. The worst part? He was under the care of his groomer at Petco in Powhatan County, Virginia at the time.

During a routine grooming session on Friday, Colby was left in a heated drying cage too long. The poor dog's body temperature was still at 105 degrees an HOUR after his death. Lord only knows how long he was left in there. The reason given for the neglect? His groomer had a graduation to get to.

My heart aches for Colby and his grieving owner. May she find peace and justice in this difficult time.

My message for others reading this is to care for your pets like your own children and not leave them in the car on a hot day. Heat stroke is a serious problem in summer, but avoidable.

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