So I've been sick since Friday and battling a cold, but I've apparently been fighting a runny nose in a funny way.

We've all been sick. We all know the deal. It's miserable. It's annoying. You get the sore throat. You get the runny nose. Breathing suddenly is impossible. Sleeping is next to impossible without a bucket of NyQuil.

I have a few of my own solutions to feel better and get through my day when I'm sick. First of all, I load my face with as many cough drops as I can get my grubby hands on. Then I chug as much orange juice as possible. Throw in some soup here and there, and that usually helps. But what do I do about the runny nose?

I've done this my whole life, and apparently some people think it's weird.


Yes. I roll up tissues and I just stuff them in my nose and go about my life.

Now, I always just thought this was a normal thing. I'm learning that it's definitely not. I can't be the only one doing this, though! Do you do this when you're sick!?

I mean, it works. So I don't care how crazy you want to say I am and how weird it might look. I'm sticking with it!

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