With the launch of the new NBC Boston, Bristol County viewers have been left out in the cold when it comes to a Boston NBC affiliate.  

We've seen the promos for months.  NECN is assuming the coveted NBC affiliation in Boston...stealing it away from the grips of WHDH Channel 7.  Only one problem for Bristol County viewers.  We can't watch it.

Apparently, the FCC is preventing NBC Boston from entering Bristol County homes in order to protect the interests of the neighboring NBC 10.  How was WHDH Channel 7 able to get carried on your cable box for all those years?  They were grandfathered in...so the FCC law didn't affect them.

I've spoken with insiders at NBC Boston that assure me the new Boston station is working feverishly to get the ruling overturned so that Bristol County viewers will be able to watch a Boston based NBC affiliate.


Photo by Jackie Bruno Finley via Facebook
Photo by Jackie Bruno Finley via Facebook

We're sure NBC Boston wants to get exposure down here in Bristol County.  After all, one of their new reporters, Jackie Bruno (who used to work here at Fun 107), is from the area.

Additional Reporting By: Mikaylee McEwan

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