After looking over the most recent cable bill, which includes our internet and land line phone service, we decided maybe it's time to say goodbye to the landline.  I personally haven't used that phone in years, and couldn't ever figure out how to answer the last one my wife purchased.   But, when we called the cable company to discontinue the phone part of the bundle package, we were told that the montly cost would actually increase.   Are you kidding us?   They said it's less expensive to have the land line phone than not.   If we drop the bludle deal, then the cable tv and the internet costs increase.   We are being bundled to death.   Michael Rock says he keeps his land line service due to his home alarm system.   It's needed for the system to call the police in the event of a break-in.    So whether is trapped in a bundle, or needing it for a home alarm system, looks line land lines are here for some time to come, along with the expense.

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