In 2001, D. P. Dough was one of the most low key operations going in Dartmouth.  Located in the plaza across from Walmart in Dartmouth, D.P. Dough found what it was good at and ran with it:  CALZONES.

We know, its the not only D.P. Dough to ever exist but at the time, it felt that way. D.P. Dough loves to set up shop in college towns and and so they did. They surely helped hundreds of college freshman gain their much anticipated "Freshman 15".  One super fan event credited DP with his 100lb gain.

D.P. was fast, delicious and available "crazy late" into the night, just the way D.P Dough owners Dan and Penny dreamed it would be when they started serving in Amherst, MA.

All of the calzones had their own weird names, too; names that didn't AT ALL describe what was stuffed inside. A School Zone? An End Zone?  The DROP ZONE?  No matter what you bought, it was seven bucks and left you stuffed and oh-so happy.

...but then it closed and we were left chasing the calzone high ever since.  The closest D.P. Dough to us now is in UConn.

If D.P Dough were open today, we be they'd have some crazy, ooey-gooey, cheesey-good deals going down for National Calzone Day.

Rest in Pizza, D.P.  We hope some local, ambitious franchisee brings you back to life one day

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