When I was much, much younger and about to take a radio broadcasting course in Hartford, CT., the school provided a list of apartments for incoming students.  Most of those apartments were completely furnished.  Then, while working at my first few radio jobs, I had no trouble finding nice, furnished apartments.

Now that things have just about gone full circle, I find myself looking for a furnished apartment here in the Southcoast area.  I currently live in a nicely furnished place in Upstate New York, and have been hoping to relocate without the expense of buying furniture.

Impossible?  Seems that way after weeks of searching.  Am I the only renter in the area who'd like a nicely furnished apartment?  Is this an exclusive club with me as the only member?  However, I'd bet that if I were to buy a nice apartment building and furnish each unit, that would all rent quickly.

Meanwhile, it's back to the search which apparently will end with me shopping for furniture.  I can hardly wait.

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