Rapper DMX has effectively abandoned his pet pitbull at an animal hospital in Warwick.

ABC6 reports that the rapper has stopped paying his bills to a Warwick animal hospital where his one-year-old pitbull named "X" has been living since August.

According to the owners of the Four Paws Pet Resort, X has been at the boarding facility for about six months, but DMX stopped paying for his stay in October.

The rapper had put his dog at Four Paws before he went on tour this past summer, but he has never come back to get the puppy.

The owners tell ABC6 that they spoke with DMX and asked if he would like them to put the dog up for adoption. DMX said yes, but has yet to supply the facility with the documentation they would need to actually be able to do that.

For now poor X is living in limbo with nowhere to go.

DMX does reportedly have several animal cruelty charges on his record, but the staff at Four Paws says X shows no signs of abuse.

If the rapper doesn't come to get his dog soon (or send the letter allowing for adoption), Animal Control may have to get involved.

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