Feeling adventurous as the weather turns warmer? Then perhaps a trip to the town of Burrillville, Rhode Island is the perfect way to spend a spring day.

That is where you'll find an abandoned textile mill offering hikers a glimpse into New England's Industrial Revolution days along with stunning views of the man-made dam that sent water cascading through the building.

Bring your walking shoes and your camera when you head to the ruins of Oakland Mill.

Sitting just where the Branch River meets Mill Pond, John L. Ross built a dam across the river in 1849, followed by his Oakland Mill in 1850. The property also featured housing for the mill workers and over the years various owners added a company store, barbershop and even a recreation hall for billiards, reading and stage shows.

It was a thriving community in the mid-1800s, now it's an amazing abandoned site worth exploring.

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Though the housing and other buildings are long gone, the stone skeleton of this mighty mill remains.

Here’s a few pics of when I visited the Oakland Mill ruins in Burriville. It’s like exploring a castle in RI
byu/ToadScoper inRhodeIsland

Getting there isn't all that tricky either.

Just off of Mill Street in the Oakland section of Burrillville there are two trails out to the former mill site. There's also a small parking lot so you don't have to leave your vehicle by the road.

The trails are pretty well maintained and the property has lots to explore, but visitors definitely need to do so with caution.

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Along with the mill ruins is a building that once housed offices. This area is a little more dangerous, with sections of the office building roof having caved in and floors have collapsed as well.

There was at one time a smoke stack still standing on the site, but it recently collapsed as well.

Still the site if like a step back in time and well worth the short hike to some incredible photos.

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