We hear so many Disney stars making the switch to music. In the case of Sofia Carson, she got signed a big record deal and then to Disney shows.

Believe it or not, Sofia was actually signed to a record label back in 2012 and then in 2014, she made an appearance on the very popular Austin & Ally on the Disney Channel. This appearance was just a launching pad for what was to come for her as she ended up snagging a role on a Disney original movie Adventures in Babysitting.

She also had appearances on MTV and then fell into roles for other Disney films. She most recently was a lead role in the television series Pretty Little Liars.

So now Sofia appears to be refocusing back on her music career. Don't worry, she will continue acting but released a new song a couple of months ago that is getting a lot of buzz in the music industry.

Maybe this new song is the one that will get Sofia to do music full time. Take a listen if you missed me playing it on the air:

What do you think? Does this actress have a shot at cracking into the Fun 107 playlist and being a pop megastar? Is Sofia Carson's song wicked good? Or is it totally whack and Sofia should stick to her day job?

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