Bailey Fontaine, a six-year-old from Dighton, had a scary bus ride after school last week after her bus stop was missed and her ride ended at the bus station instead of her home. She made it home safely a short while after, but Bailey and her mom, Kerri, felt it was important to inform other children on how to ride the bus safely with the help of TikTok.

Due to the pandemic, children have been forced to do a lot of things independently for the first time, such as riding the bus alone, and Bailey’s cohort consists of a handful of kids on her bus, sitting alone in their seats. On Thursday afternoon, she hopped on her bus like any other day, but when she realized the bus had missed her house, she began to worry.

“She was the only kid on the bus for a long time and she was getting nervous,” Kerri said.

The bus driver pulled into what seemed like “a train station for buses," as described by Bailey, and when the bus came to a stop, she asked the driver, “Are we going to my house now?” The bus driver brought her home, but parked on the opposite side of street, forcing Bailey to cross the road unattended.

There was clearly a drastic mix-up, and while it ended with Bailey safely at home, Kerri wanted to make sure it never happened again.

I spoke with Kerri about the bus incident, and Kerri made it very clear that she is not out to put the blame on anyone, but instead, would like to treat this as a learning opportunity for children.

Kerri and Bailey decided to make a TikTok and created "Bailey's Bus Safety Tips," aimed at helping children know what to do or say during their bus ride to and from school.

Check out the adorable, educational TikTok below.

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