I've heard of pet cemeteries, but never knew you could hold an actual service for your beloved pets.

Recently, a very special cat that belonged to my girlfriend had passed away after almost 19 years. She had the option to cremate Steele (her handsome cat), so that was the decision made. Not too long after choosing a beautiful urn for him, we received the courtesy phone call from a place in Middleboro called Angel View. Steele's ashes were ready to be picked up.

We drove about 30 minutes north from New Bedford and eventually found the place. As we walked inside, I noticed that the place was identical to a funeral parlor and noticed something that caught me off-guard--a bulletin board sign with calling hours. That's when I realized that this was more than just a crematorium.

Just past the sign was a small room with a few chairs in it, similar to an open casket service. If you or someone you know had lost a beloved animal in the family, there's a way to reserve the room for everyone to gather and say their last goodbyes before burial and cremation.

Even those who decide to have a burial service at Angel View can provide their pet with a casket instead of just placing them in the earth.

I understand that losing a pet is a tough topic. Believe me, I'm well aware.

I'll end this by stating that this newfound knowledge oddly enough comforts me. It's bittersweet knowing that our pets can also be cared for just as humans would be after passing, just as they should be.

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