The amount of dog poo left behind at Destruction Brook Woods has Dartmouth working to set the record straight.

People have been internet shaming their pets for years now. When they eat something they shouldn't and of course poo somewhere they shouldn't, their owners are the first to call them out.

But who's calling out pet owners who leave poo where they shouldn't?

Well now that's exactly what the Dartmouth Natural Resource Trust is doing with new poo shaming flags at Destruction Brook Woods.

The animal waste left by people walking their dogs has gotten out of hand, so the DNRT is letting people know just why they need to clean up after their pets.

They recently took to Facebook to dispel some popular beliefs about dog poo and let owners know that their actions are a lot more harmful than they may think.

I'm sure plenty of dog owners think their pets' poo is simply fertilizer for the woods. Well, you are wrong.

The DNRT says dog poop actually contains harmful bacteria that can make both humans and other dogs sick and that same bacteria can leech into surrounding waters resulting in the closure of local shellfishing spots. Not to mention the high levels of nitrogen in dog poop that can be harmful to Buzzard's Bay.

And those biodegradable bags you may be using – well they don't really biodegrade unless they are taken to a high heat composting facility. Leaving them in the woods is just plain littering.

And that's what these new poop shaming flags are going to tell people.

Dartmouth Natural Resources Trust - DNRT Facebook
Dartmouth Natural Resources Trust - DNRT Facebook

Every poo they find will get a flag with a different message. The goal is to not only bring awareness to the large amount of poo left on the trails, but to also let dog owners know how harmful this poo abandonment is for the environment they are out enjoying.

Not to mention the fact that no one wants to step in it.

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