A controversial pile of trash on the side of a road deep in the backwoods of Dartmouth finally has an answer to its mysterious message.

One local resident near the area of Flag Swamp Road finally responded to my latest article requesting if anyone had any idea what the strange, yet eerie "GET IT?" sign meant and here's what they had to say:

"I have been picking up trash for 10 years, every time I walk on this beautiful road, there is more and more trash. When I saw this seat (I dragged it over from the pond), all I thought was, you could make up a living room from all the junk these pigs are throwing out of their cars. So I did, I should have explained better, but there was only enough room on the board I found and did not want to add to the trash (everything there was from the crap on the road except the spray paint that I brought to make a point)."

At first, I thought the "Get It?" sign was a grammatical mistake where the question mark was meant to be an exclamation point so that it read more of a "hey, come get it!" type of message towards the culprits who littered, but I was wrong.

"Get It?" was simply a way for this person to shame the litterbugs for any cars or passersby to notice and I don't blame this person for doing so.

I will say this: I do know the person behind this display, but wanted to keep their name anonymous.

Now for the good news: the trash has been picked up by a couple of local residents who live in the area and disposed of properly in a dumpster. It's a beautiful area and the trash that keeps collecting on the side of the road is ruining its image.

Another mystery solved and thankfully it wasn't as creepy or eerie as I was worried it might be.

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