Deep in the backwoods of Dartmouth is a display that I can't decipher.

If you turn off of Faunce Corner Road onto Flag Swamp Road, the first thing you'll notice is silence. It's quiet in this part of Dartmouth and somewhat secluded; a majority of the people driving that road are simply residents of the area.

Gazelle/Townsquare Media

Along the way, you'll notice a small bridge the length of a truck that calls for one vehicle at a time. Just past that on the left-hand side is where I found this mysterious arrangement.

Honestly, I'm not quite sure if we have an artist or a litterbug on our hands, but all signs point to unnecessary.

Gazelle/Townsquare Media

At a closer look, to the right of the sign that reads "Get It?" there's a stump that's used to exhibit the following items:

  • A teacup
  • A Christmas bow
  • An empty beer can
  • A red Solo cup
  • A dirty face mask
  • A vehicle mirror frame/auto part
  • A bicycle chain
Gazelle/Townsquare Media
Gazelle/Townsquare Media
Gazelle/Townsquare Media

There are just so many questions, I don't even know where to start.

First off, I'm curious as to who did this, why they did this, and most importantly, what the hell does it even mean? Clearly, these items were placed strategically and I'm not even going to start with the creepy doll bed, but to put up a sign that reads "Get It?" makes it that much more confusing and, to be honest, ominous.

Gazelle/Townsquare Media

Could this be some kind of twisted message about drunk driving? There is a beer can and an empty Solo cup next to car parts and the sign does resemble a tombstone, but regardless, the overall answer is "Why?"

Whoever did this, if you're reading this right now, I want you to know that I don't "get it" and wish I had more answers. If anyone has any leads or ideas, please feel free to email me at and I'll get right back to you.

P.S.: Littering is illegal. Just saying.

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