As with every retail brick and mortar outlet, AMC Theaters have closed down due to the COVID-19 coronavirus. The question is what stores and outlets will be able to withstand this pandemic. AMC Theaters were already struggling to keep their doors open.

My first experience going to the movies was definitely at the AMC theaters at the Dartmouth Mall. Wasn't it called North Dartmouth Mall at one point? I'm unsure of what movie it was, but I remember it's where I fell in love with going to the movies. Hello, buttery popcorn!

AMC has been inching by with massive debts even before the pandemic. While the stimulus package may help most small businesses, a corporation like AMC probably won't get any assistance.

Right now, AMC has laid off about 600 of its corporate employees, hoping the cuts will help them in the long run. It's a long shot, however, with a massive debt payment being due in September.

What will help AMC re-open its doors? While obviously getting back to normal and getting people in seats would be getting approval on assistance in the CARES stimulus act. All in all, it will really depend on how well we follow the stay-at-home orders we have been given. The sooner we flatten the curve, the sooner we can get out and catch some movies.

I do have one suggestion: what about all the money the actual movies production companies make? How about those that have profited from our previous ticket sales bail out the theaters so they can continue to make money in the future when everything is back to normal? Just a suggestion.

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