One Dartmouth-based entrepreneur is taking her love for flowers to the streets and hitting the road in her makeshift flower-mobile. Check out the SouthCoast’s first flower shop on wheels called The Daily Bloom.

“I call myself a floral enthusiast,” said Nicole Coleman, the owner and mastermind behind The Daily Bloom. “My parents were both gardeners and we always had flowers around, so I always gravitated toward them.”

Coleman's dream has always been to work with flowers. She has done small events, like baby showers and wedding parties, but after the arrival of her son, parenthood took over for a few years.

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“Two years ago, I was in Nashville,” she said. “I saw a mobile flower shop, and I thought ‘I have to do this.’”

It was her lightbulb moment. The 1972 Land Rover Defender that was supposed to be her husband’s “little project” would now become her business on wheels. The Daily Bloom had its first venture out into town on Mother’s Day weekend, and everything was sold out in just three hours.

“I was shocked, just shocked,” she said.

But with the attractive set up and small-town, homegrown feel that she offers with her flower truck, it’s no surprise that everyone wants to check out her locally-grown flowers. Her friend owns a flower farm, who supplies Coleman as often as she can, and with the help of her sister, her son, and her niece, Coleman sets out to Padanaram Village every Saturday. She looks forward to adding other stops to her route this summer.

Not everyone is blessed with a green thumb, so she offered me some advice when it comes to starting out a garden for the first time.

“Don’t overthink it,” she said. “Just have fun with it. Play around. Everything is supposed to be wild in nature, so just have fun and try it.”

She also suggests starting out with flowerpots if you are new to gardening and working your way towards a full-blown garden.

To learn more about The Daily Bloom, check her out on Facebook and Instagram.

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