A rather rare blue lobster showed up at a local seafood market and restaurant, and patrons were concerned he would get cooked.

It's not every day that you see a seven-pound blue lobster. Cape Quality Seafood in South Dartmouth recently had one in the store, and one patron shared her concern online that this special crustacean was destined for a pot of boiling water. She tried to rally members of a town Facebook group to help save the lobster's life, but then followed it up with another post saying that Cape Quality Seafood had decided to spare "Big Blue" and was looking for someplace to donate it.

I called over to Cape Quality Seafood and spoke with Taylor, who works in the fish market. She said they have no intention of cooking up or selling this lobster. Instead, they want to continue to care for and showcase the lobster, allowing people to come in and see it for themselves. Taylor also mentioned that while the lobster is rare, it's not the rarest, but that they wanted to keep it on display because of how beautiful it is and because it's gaining celebrity status among their patrons.

We have to hand it to Cape Quality Seafood. At a time where businesses are struggling to bring in every dollar they can to make up for losses earlier this year, Cape Quality is deciding to hold on to this seven-pound beauty to help bring more smiles. Just so you understand how valuable these blue lobsters are, just a few years ago our own Gazelle finally came clean about probably killing the blue lobster at Lees Market in Westport during his time working there, and he said that lobster was valued in the thousands of dollars.

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