A stunning project in Fall River is turning heads.

A mural now covers the façade of the Pearl Street parking garage, paying homage to the people of Fall River and its commitment to family.

In collaboration with Claudio Picasso, New York-based artist BKFoxx paid homage to her father and the important people in her life by creating a piece of art that conveys a message of love and family, two values that Fall River holds dearly.

“Dad’s Home" personifies love, family, traditions, and community.

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The Artist Behind the Mural

BKFoxx is an artist from Long Island, New York who specializes in photorealism and is entirely self-taught.

“I have no formal education of any kind,” she shared. For her, art never seemed to qualify as a “job” but thanks to the abandoned buildings by her apartment and the encouragement of her sister, BKFoxx quickly discovered her love of spray painting and street art.

In 2013, the rundown buildings of New York were her canvas. Ten years later, her work began attracting attention, and now, her murals can be found on buildings, walls, and industrial canvasses all over the world.


The mural she painted in Ukraine is one of her personal favorites.

Her latest project found a home in Fall River thanks to

(FRACC) after they encouraged her to apply for the project. She called upon her partner, Picasso, and together, they brought a Fall River parking garage to life.

The Importance of Family to the Fall River Community

After speaking closely with FRACC, BKFoxx’s vision for the 5-story high parking garage became clear.

“(The city) didn’t want something conventional, they wanted something new and specific to Fall River,” she said.

A mural catered toward family roots felt right for BKFoxx, and as an artist, she liked to find ways to pay homage to the people in her life.

“I use references that are personal to me,” she said. “For ‘Dad’s Home’, the table with the objects on it, it’s from my grandma’s house, and the objects on the table belong to my father who is a mechanic.”


BKFoxx was the perfect artist for the job. It takes a person to understand the value of family and the unwavering love that comes with it to truly portray a stunning message for an entire city to relate to.

After a few weeks, “Dad’s Home” was complete, and thanks to the efforts of BKFoxx, Claudio Picasso, and FRACC, a beautiful message about family has been stamped onto Fall River’s landscape.

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