This week's call for "Crunch Time Trivia."

There's a new sheriff in town when it comes to workout gyms. Every Sunday night, Gazelle goes to Crunch Fitness in Fall River and surprises random people with his trivia questions. Whether they're lifting some weights or taking a break they have no idea what questions they're about to face. From trending topics to music lyrics, Gazelle will test your knowledge and then play it back on Monday morning on the Rock and Fox Show.

The game is called "Crunch Time" and here's how it works:

  • There are five questions to answer.
  • You are allowed only five seconds for each question to come up with an answer.
  • The person with the most correct of the five questions will be deemed the winner.

In this game of time, every split second counts, so think quickly.

If you missed this week's "Crunch Time Trivia" and want to challenge your wit and skill, try to answer these trivia questions:

This week's questions are based on Game of Thrones (Season's 1-7):

1.) Daenerys is the mother of ______?

2.) Which house does Sansa belong to?

3.) Who are the undead of the north?

4.) What is Tyrian Lannister name in real life?

5.) There are 19 castles along the Wall. To which one does Jon Snow try to send Janos Slynt in season 5?



  1. Dragons
  2. House Stark
  3. White Walkers
  4. Peter Dinklage
  5. Greygard

How did you do? Stay tuned each Monday for your weekly dose of "Crunch Time Trivia!"

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