For the first time in my career, I needed to work with my wife over the weekend. It got me wondering if I could work with her on a daily basis, and I'm pretty sure I think I couldn't.

My doctor had some pretty stringent instructions after my appendectomy a couple of weeks ago. After some intense negotiations, he allowed me to go back to work. The one non-negotiable item was that I was forbidden from lifting anything more than 15 pounds for three weeks. He says this could cause complications that just aren't worth bending the rules.

So, when my calendar showed a wedding scheduled for this past weekend, I had a problem. When I set up to DJ a wedding, part of the job is carrying heavy speakers and equipment. While I could certainly press all of the buttons, it was impossible for me to carry my gear. Thankfully, my wife volunteered to help me load and unload for the wedding. I have to say, in addition to enjoying her company, I enjoyed having her there and getting her input on some of the things I do at my events.

It got me thinking: would I enjoy working with her everyday? My gut says--no!

I think I would hate going home from work and talking all about the office gossip and issues. Beyond that, though, I'd HATE it if someone at work had a problem with my wife (even if the issue was justified, I'm pretty sure I'd be sensitive to that).

There are many, many people who work with their spouses here on the SouthCoast.  So many local restaurants, bakeries and businesses are family-owned and operated. If you work with your spouse, what is it like? Would you recommend it?

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