Usually when you order a pizza, you don't expect your pizza to be delivered by the cops. Well, that's exactly what happened to a customer in Chicago, Illinois.

A pizza delivery guy was out delivering with his buddy in the car, and decided to avoid a red light by cutting through a parking lot. Bad move. Cops saw what he was doing and decided to pull him over. Unfortunately for him, he had drug paraphernalia in the car, the cops found it and they arrested him. They noticed the undelivered pizza in the car and decided that since the customer was close by, they'd drop by the pizza.

"The pizza was already paid for, and the delivery location was within a few blocks," Oswego Police Chief Jeff Burgner told the Chicago Tribune. "They decided one should go ahead and make the delivery."

The customer was confused naturally, but very glad that the cops were there to give him his pizza and not for any other reason!

No word on whether the officers got a tip on their delivery that night...but they say they were glad to do a good deed.

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