President Trump signed a $484 billion coronavirus relief package into law on Friday. It was an all-too-rare example of both parties in congress working together to help the American people. One of the many congressmen that voted for the package is Joe Kennedy III.  Rep. Kennedy called the Rock and Fox Show this morning to give us an update on the COVID-19 situation.

Rep. Kennedy told us that an additional $300 billion was injected into the very popular Payroll Protection Play (PPP) program that is used to keep small business employees paid while their employers are shut down during the pandemic. On top of that, $75 billion was allocated to help hospital workers get more personal protective equipment, and $25 billion would be used to boost COVID-19 testing across the country.

He says that while the additional $300 billion is great, he only expects it to cover the next few days before the money runs out again. Kennedy projects that it will take roughly one trillion dollars to properly cover these needs. We've spent $600 billion so far.

I asked the congressman how long lawmakers estimate the crisis will continue as they deliberate how much money should be allocated to coronavirus relief.

"I'm not sure anyone wholly knows, yet," Kennedy said. "That is extremely difficult, but I do believe that we have to follow the science of it. However, the reality is that people aren't going to feel comfortable about going out to a restaurant or going to a salon if they think they could contract a deadly virus."

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