In case you missed all of the hype of the NFC Championship Game yesterday, Tom Brady is heading back to the Super Bowl. For 20 years, Brady has been a starting quarterback in the NFL, and he'll appear in his 10th Super Bowl next month – the most out of any player, by far, that has ever played in the National Football League.

It is astounding to think about, but he is averaging a Super Bowl appearance every other season. Steve Kerr played during the golden years of the Chicago Bulls. He holds the all-time NBA record for career 3-point shot accuracy at 45 percent. This means that it's more likely Tom Brady will go to a Super Bowl in any given season than Steve Kerr was to sink a 3-pointer.

It perplexes me that so many New England Patriots fans are still so salty about Brady’s success with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but according to the phone call we had this morning with "Coach Belichick," the future Hall of Fame coach is having a hard time coping with his former star's continued playoff dominance.

When we spoke to "Coach Belichick" today, we had a friendly chat about plans for the demolition of the Silver City Galleria and some other SouthCoast developments, but "Coach" could barely keep his composure when he admitted that he was wrong for letting Brady leave the Patriots and land in Tampa Bay.

That might be the most emotional we've ever heard the coach during one of our calls with him, but we think it's a good thing that he is getting in touch with his feelings.

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