For everyone who loved shopping for jewelry and accessories at Claire's as a kid, our kids are about to have it even better. Now Claire's is sending the style straight to you with subscription boxes called Cdrop.

These days there are subscriptions for everything: pet supplies, skin care products, snacks and even tea. Now a stylish new edition has arrived for the kids and teens in your life.

Claire's is boxing up "style, fun and good vibes" with three different boxes to choose from. And as a mom of two young girls that have recently become obsessed with my jewelry box, this sounds like something I have got to try.

The boxes offer plenty of variety for all sorts of Claire's shoppers both younger and older. Accessory lovers from age three through 93 can find a Cdrop subscription that works for them.

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There's the Bitsy Drop, filled with accessories and toys that is described as "a whole box of cute and fun." This box has between five and seven items and is recommended for ages 3-8. Or go for the Glitzy Drop for ages 12 plus with pierced ears. These boxes have up to 12 sets of earrings every time they arrive. Then there's the Vibey Drop that is all about the trendiest of trends. Five to seven items are packed in here as well and it's said to be aimed at ages nine and up.

All the Cdrops subscriptions are pretty easy to order online and even better parents, they look super easy to cancel any time you want. Phew! You never know when too much jewelry is going to start piling up, am I right?

But having a subscription doesn't mean steer clear of a classic Claire's run at the Dartmouth Mall. Cdrop boxes will either be delivered four times a year or simply ordered as a single box, so there is still plenty of time in between to head to one the longest running stores at the mall and shop til you drop. Of course, if you go for the Glitzy Box, you have first got to go through the SouthCoast right of passage that is getting your ears pierced at Claire's.

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