Your Christmas tree could cost you more this holiday season with a national tree shortage expected coast-to-coast.

If you typically buy a pre-cut tree for Christmas, you should probably buy your tree earlier than usual this year.

The National Christmas Tree Association says consumers who prefer a specific type of tree are encouraged to shop early to get their perfect pine (or fir or spruce).

Doug Hundley, a spokesman for the association says the best time to tree shop this holiday season is between November 25 and December 1 to avoid last minute price hikes and optimize selection.

Tree farmers have to plant their trees 7-10 years before they want to sell them and with a national recession about 10 years ago, many farmers lost their farms or chose to plant less trees to save money. Leading to today's shortage.

The shortage is expected to raise real tree prices by 5-10 percent...maybe more closer to Christmas.

So if you are a fan of the real deal Christmas early!

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