There's nothing in this world I get more excited about than when Christine Fox bakes her famous homemade cookies.

"Gazelle, I have something for you," Christine said.

There's no fooling me, I knew exactly what she had up her sleeve.

"Merry Christmas!" she says as she hands over a Christmas tin filled with my favorite chocolate chip cookies.

For me, it's the official kickoff for the holiday season.

There's just something about these delicious, buttery, sweet little cookies that just warms my belly and brightens my mood. These cookies are seriously no joke and are gone within minutes.

So, how good are these cookies? I'm glad you asked.

As I'm sitting here writing, drooling and professing my undying love to these scrumptious homemade baked treats, I can hear my coworkers buzzing about enjoying their own little tin of joy. Moans and groans of approval are bouncing off the walls and resonating throughout the office.

Honestly, it's no surprise that her baking is on point. Her husband is an incredible cook and she is a master baker. If I had the chance to rent out a room at the Fox residence, I would be there in a heartbeat just for the home-cooked meals and of, course, the cookies.

So what does Christmas mean to me? It means time with family, eggnog and new memories with friends, giving to those who are in need the most, and last but not least, Christine's chocolate chip cookies.


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