One of the best Christmas movies ever filmed will be shown at the Hanover Theater in Worcester next week. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation will be on the big screen, but the headline news is that the night will be hosted by none other than Clark W. Griswold himself, Chevy Chase.

The Hollywood comic legend will be in Worcester this Wednesday night. Christmas Vacation fanatics (like me) will get the rare chance to watch the movie in a theater, then sit and talk with Chevy Chase. Chase will offer a talk about the making of Christmas Vacation and his other comedy movies. His talk will be followed by a question and answer period for the audience.

At the risk of seeming like a total fanboy, here are the questions I would ask:

1. I have gotten into some heated discussions about which of the Vacation movies was the best/worst. Which are yours? Personally, I think Vegas Vacation is garbage. Christmas Vacation is probably my favorite.

2. Which character is closest to the real Chevy Chase's personality in real life?�� Clark Griswold, Fletch, or Dusty Bottoms from Three Amigos?

3.  We watch Christmas Vacation religiously every holiday season. Do you?

4.  Would you autograph my National Lampoon Christmas Vacation Village?

The event is happening at The Hanover Theatre for the Performing Arts. Tickets were offered starting at $50, but those have since sold out. There are a number of tickets still available, however. The seats are pretty good, and start at $127. You can browse Event Tickets Center online to find some seats.

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