What a weird afternoon yesterday. Out of the blue, some formations of twisters were in the beginning stages, some as close as right outside of our Fun 107 studios.  '

The National Weather Service has already confirmed that a tornado touched down in Lincoln, Rhode Island. They are also looking into whether or not a waterspout made landfall yesterday in Sandwich.

We asked ABC6 Meteorologist Chelsea Priest to give us some insight about these weather events. She told us that there have only been four confirmed tornados in the last 18 years in Rhode Island. They are just as rare on the SouthCoast, but the Massachusetts numbers get skewed a bit because of areas like Springfield.

Why are tornadoes so uncommon in this area? She told us that there's just so much "stuff" around us that it never really gives the twisters a chance to fully develop into something extreme, like what is often seen in the more open Midwest.

Take a listen to Chelsea's call into The Michael Rock Show by clicking the graphic above.

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