After forty years on the bench, Providence, Rhode Island’s longtime Municipal Court Chief Judge Frank Caprio is stepping down.

For 38 years, Caprio has held the honor of Chief Judge and has won over the hearts of the nation thanks to the popular television series Caught in Providence which has been taped in his courtroom for over twenty years.

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Judge Caprio’s Official Announcement

While Caught in Providence will not continue to film in the Providence courtroom, Caprio has offered to volunteer with the court moving forward.

In a joint statement on Friday, Judge Caprio and the Providence City Council made the announcement.

“Judge Caprio has my utmost respect for a lifetime of public service to our city,” said City Council President Rachel Miller.  “I intend to support the nomination of Judge Caprio before the entire City County to become Chief Judge Emeritus of the Providence Municipal Court.”

Why is Caprio Retiring?

Caprio’s retirement comes after questions were raised about the financial aspects of Caught in Providence.

WJAR reported that Miller asked city lawmakers to look into an agreement between the city and the judge’s show and any relevant ethics rules.

“Caprio does not get paid from the show, but some of his family members do,” the news outlet said.

Saying Goodbye to ‘Caught in Providence'

Caught in Providence has gained an incredible following over the past three decades. It started as a public access show and is now a syndicated program with two Daytime Emmy Nomination Awards and over two million Youtube subscribers.

Since there is no future season to look forward to, let’s look back at the most memorable moments from Judge Caprio’s courtroom.

The Ten Most Viral Moments from Judge Frank Caprio's 'Caught in Providence'

Caught in Providence has gained an incredible following over the past three decades. As it comes to an end due to Judge Caprio's retirement, let's take a look at some of the most viral moments from the show.

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