It seems almost normal now to find out that a celebrity, more frequently musicians, owe the government money.

The Weinstein Company

This year the list included names like Lindsay Lohan, Lionel Richie and most recently, Nas. Lindsay Lohan doesn't come as a shock, but Lionel? Charlie Sheen is said to have given Lindsay $100k toward her tax tab of just under 300k owed. Is the IRS targeting musicians and celebs or are they really that devoid of good accountants in LaLa Land. Maybe some of the waiters and waitresses in Hollywood should stop passing out scripts and their head shots and start studying to become CPA's.

Being a celebrity is equivalent to running a business. If you don't pay the tax man, they can take everything you've got. Just ask Willie Nelson. Get it together Hollywood. Don't cheap out on a good accountant and make sure their filing quarterly. Pay attention, because if they make a mistake, it's still your responsibility.

And not that my advice is more than plain common sense, but if your earning potential went from ten million a year to half a million a year because you're no longer the hot commodity, downgrade! Sell the house in Malibu. The rest of America has had to tighten their belts. Do the same.