The Zeiterion Theatre  has been host to many fadistas over the past years. In the Portuguese genre of music, Fado, artists of notoriety such as Camane, Carminho, Mariza and Ana Vinagre have graced their stage. Vinagre was originally scheduled to perform on March 5, but New England winters being what they are, the show was snowed out. Her concert has now been rescheduled for April 30 at 7:30 p.m.

So what is Fado? For the curious or unknowing, the word fado simply translated, means fate. The sound is characterized as mournful and melancholic. A sad song that tells a tale of resignation or poverty and one's life struggle. It can be compared to the American blues movement in lyrical terms. But the sound is unique; like a siren calling to a fisherman at sea. Fado, while being the most famous musical export of Portugal, is not the only musical style celebrated this month.

Of course, American music styles such as pop and hip hop have influenced artistry worldwide. The International Portuguese Music Awards is coming to the Zeiterion on April 25 and is nearly sold out. It was recently announced that nationally known artist of Portuguese descent, Lucenzo, has been added to the lineup. Lucenzo's big hit can be heard on our airwaves, Danza Kuduro, his reggaeton collaboration with Don Omar.

Up for an award this year for their 2014 pop song, Portuguese Love To Party, are local faves, The Portuguese Kids.  This year, they are being recognized for their music and not for their hilarity. We wish them the best of luck!

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