The big news broke on Tuesday that the MLB would be suspending about 20 players linked to PED use. One of those players is steroid favorite, Alex Rodriguez. 

Red Sox fans know how close he was to being a problem for Red Sox Nation, so you can thank the New York Yankees for overpaying him to be pretty much useless. The world can now celebrate his 100 game suspension with some of the best GIFs of A-Rod being the absolute worst. Enjoy!

Not the face, not the face!

MLB Gifs

Mmmm popcorn


The Daily GIF

Hi mom!

Gif Soup

From Yankee fans: Thanks for the breeze 2004-2013

Crawfish Boxes

No words...


Hey who's there? Oh it's just Robby Cano...

MLB Gifs

'Sandlot' for the win!