The Center for Disease Control is strongly encouraging people in the U.S. to stay away from Romaine lettuce following E.coli outbreak. 

In just a week's time, 32 people across the U.S. have been become sick or hospitalized due to E. coli, including two people here in Massachusetts.

The CDC is strongly encouraging people to throw out any Romaine lettuce they have at home, even if they have eaten it and felt fine. The E. coli is not limited to one type of lettuce (hearts, full heads, chopped salad mixes) and cannot be tracked to just one supplier. They also caution grocery stores and restaurants to pull their Romaine products from the shelves and to not serve it in any dishes.

While this outbreak is not related to the one that happened over the summer, it is considered dangerous, particularly to those with weakened immune systems, children, and anyone over the age of 65.

The symptoms of E. coli may be similar to your common flu with things like vomiting, abdominal cramping, diarrehea, and fever. While most will recover within a week from the bacteria, it can lead to more serious illnesses.


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