As LeBron and the Cavs are on the brink of getting swept out of the NBA Finals it looks like the other Cavs know who would've helped avoid this type of ending.

According to Bleacher Report, at least one Cavaliers player thinks that his team is sorely missing the services of the one and only Kyrie Irving. To him I say... WELL DUH!

The Cavs are staring down a 4 games to zip NBA Finals dismissal and according to the report, a lot of Cavs players think the Warriors were vulnerable this year. They believe that if they still had Kyrie the would be the ones up 3-0 and not the Golden State. Boo-freakin-Hoo.

Maybe they should go talk to their king to see why Kyrie wanted to jump ship.

Oh and by the way Cleveland... if the Celtics had Kyrie in the Eastern Conference Finals you wouldn't have even made it out of the East, just saying.

One way or another I love watching the whole dumpster fire that's going on in Cleveland right now with LeBron and the other Cavaliers. It's only going to get worse when LBJ leaves for another kingdom in the offseason. (Hopefully not here in Boston, we don't need that drama Bron Bron. Take your "talents" somewhere else.)

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