It sometimes seems like a soap opera storyline, but the drama surrounding the death of legendary DJ Casey Kasem continues.

TMZ reported today that Kasem's body is once again on the move.

Two months after his death, there still has been no autopsy and clearly no burial for Kasem. Instead his wife Jean Kasem has been taking his body to various funeral homes with no word to his children that these moves would be happening.

Kasem's body is currently at a funeral home in Montreal, though he had died in Washington. Sources tell TMZ that Jean has plans to next take Kasem's body to Europe, possibly Oslo, Norway.

So why all the moving around?

The Santa Monica police department is still trying to investigate Jean for elder abuse and want to have a full autopsy performed. Casey's kids believe Jean is traveling with his body to avoid the autopsy since it could be incriminating against her.

Whatever the case, I certainly hope for Casey's family's sake he can just be laid to rest in peace somewhere soon.