Casey Affleck was spotted in Quincy this week filming a movie with his lifelong friend, Matt Damon. In video shot on the movie set by WCVB-TV, the Falmouth-born actor was rocking a green Dartmouth sweatshirt.

Maddie and Gazelle initially wondered if Affleck had any ties to the Town of Dartmouth or Dartmouth High School.  I was mildly surprised that they didn't immediately connect the sweatshirt to Dartmouth College to our north.

CBS Boston/Youtube

CBS Boston/Youtube

I haven't thought much about it before, but it's striking how similar the color scheme and overall look are between the New Hampshire Ivy League university and Dartmouth High.

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While the Town of Dartmouth predates the college by a good 150 years, my guess is that Dartmouth College first used this color green. In fact, the color of Dartmouth College's logo and seal is called "Dartmouth Green."

According to Dartmouth College's official athletics website, green has been used by the college for roughly 200 years and they're lovingly referred to today as Big Green.

The similarities between Dartmouth College and Dartmouth High run deeper than a color, though.

The college points to Boston sportswriters for dubbing its teams as "the Indians," though the college never formally adopted that nickname and did away with it entirely in the 1970s. The reason "Indians" was used was because of Dartmouth College's founding goal of educating Native Americans. Last year, voters in the Town of Dartmouth voted overwhelmingly to allow the high school to keep its own Indians logo.

It wouldn't be a surprise if the town looked to the college for some inspiration at some point. The white "Dartmouth" letters really pop on that green Dartmouth sweatshirt Affleck wore, along with school banners.  Why reinvent the wheel?

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