Ladies and gentlemen, the preacher has spoken.

We were graced with a phone call into the Rock and Fox Show this morning from Pastor Barry Hanson from Carver's Crossroads Community Church. If you recall last week, I shared a photo of his church sign that predicted a Patriot's win over the Chiefs; at 34-31, he was only off by three points.

"I predicted they (the New England Patriots) would win by a field goal kick, but they ended up winning by a touchdown instead," Pastor Hanson tells Fun 107.

As of this morning, just as we were hoping, Pastor Hanson did it again and this time it's savage (in a cool way):

The fact alone that hIes a passage is genius and deserves all the attention. Michael Rock, Christine Fox and myself conversed with Pastor Hanson on his prediction method and this is what he had to say:

That right there ladies and gentlemen is the ball game, or rather the football game.

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