A quick question for all New England Patriot's fans: can I get an "A-men?"

Barry Hanson, the pastor of Crossroads Community Church in nearby Carver, is rejoicing over his recently viral sign, predicting the final score of today's AFC Championship Game between the New England Patriots and the Kansas City Chiefs:

"God has no favorite team but the pastor does:

Pats 34

Chiefs 31"

-Pastor Hanson

Ironically, when ABC 6 Sports Desk Correspondent Nick Coite spoke to The Michael Rock Show on Friday morning, he too, predicted the same score in the favor of New England.

Could this possibly be a true sign from a higher power? Often, prayer can be a powerful tool and this wasn't the first time Hanson has clasped his hands together:

Of course, we all know the resulting score from that game, crushing Patriot fans and lifting the holy spirits in Philly, but with a little bit of faith (and hard work), there's absolutely nothing New England can't accomplish.

I'll leave you with the Word of the G.O.A.T. himself, Mr. Tom Brady:


Peace be with you, New England.

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