All week long the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy Sharktivity Map and App has been marking the numerous whereabouts of Great White's off of Cape Cod's shoreline but this was a whole new kind of shark sighting.According to Captain John Boat's Facebook page, 2 Great White's were spotted chowing down on a dead Minke whale.

8/11/17. This morning's passengers got to experience a once in a lifetime moment out on the water. We began with two mother-calf pairs, one of which was Rapier and her 2017 calf. What we saw next was something nobody expected. Near the end of the trip we came upon a deceased minke whale, which had previously been entangled. When we got close we saw a blue shark and two great whites feeding, one of which was 14 feet in length! Although we much prefer to see living whales, finding that carcass provided a truly amazing glimpse into the way nature recycles it's materials!    - Captain John Boat's | Facebook


Not long after,  a private whale watch on SeaSalt Charters out of Provincetown had these stellar photos and videos to share thanks to captain Chad Avellar and naturalist, Joanne Jarzobski who took the amazing shots.

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