It was full-out hunting season at Game 7 as the Boston Celtics shot down the Milwaukee Bucks to clinch the series Sunday night.

Throughout the crowd, C's fans were dressed from head to toe in camouflage as the nail-biting 109-81 victory rocked the house. Among the crowd was 18-year-old Jack Bienvenue of Wellfleet, whose claim to fame is on his right arm in permanent ink.

The ambitious teenager's first tattoo reads:






It's a little too soon if you ask me, especially since Bienvenue received the ink back in March, but he stands by it firmly and has been safe so far as the Celtics have been on a hot winning streak.

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Bienvenue joined Michael and Maddie Monday to update us on his stress level.  His confidence almost took a back seat as the C's fell to the Bucks in Game 5 before eventually prevailing.

"The tattoo makes it to another round and lives to see another day," Bienvenue said. "I'm beyond ecstatic. I was going crazy."

It wasn't until the final buzzer sounded Bienvenue sighed in relief, and rightfully so after the Bucks' comeback.

"Game 5 was devastating; that's when I started getting a little nervous," Bienvenue said. "But thinking forward, I’m thinking Celtics in Game 7. The (Miami) Heat is a very resilient team and very tough. I know that Game 7 will be on the road, but the Celtics have proven that they can win big games regardless if they're home or away. It's going to be a hell of a series regardless."

So let's just say the Heat take the series from the C's. Bienvenue would be stuck with an inaccurate tattoo. He came up with a game plan to prepare for the worst-case scenario.

"If the Celtics are not the world champions for 2022, I'm going to just get rid of the '2' in 2022, and whenever they do win it all, I can just put in the right number. It'll look like a normal tattoo at that point."

At 18, Bienvenue has only experienced the golden years of Boston sports: the New England Patriots winning multiple championships, the Boston Red Sox on fire back in 2004, a couple of Boston Bruins titles, and one Celtics title.

If Boston takes home the Larry O'Brien NBA Championship Trophy, then this guy will have an epic story that will be passed on for generations.

If not, then I suppose it's time to get a decent tattoo removal artist to fix what is being seen as a "jinx" by the die-hards of the NBA.

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