The summer playground everybody loves is going away, very very slowly, but it is. You love the beaches in the summer, here is what winter and storms do to our home.


The video features really cool aerial shots of a home about to be claimed by the Atlantic Ocean on Cape Cod. The cape is basically a big arm, that actually is a giant sand dune pushed off the Atlantic coast by a glacier back in the day..and I'm not talking about recent memory here.

As you would expect, the ocean is slowly eating cape cod, one wave and storm at a time. Some houses and cottages are lost to the ocean every year, so this guy decided to make a video to honor his home. Demolition of this doomed house began on January 15th 2014. If your wondering why someone would build their house too close to the shore, let it be noted, it took almost four decades for the edge of the cliff to reach the foundation.


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